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About our Kilns

Proudly family owned and operated, Susac Lime are conveniently located in Wanneroo, Western Australia.

Producing builders lime has been a highly skilled practice for many hundreds of years. Burning of the limestone follows a centuries old skill for a selected length of time to produce a top quality product for screening or sieving. Charcoal fines and ash are part of the makeup and are essential ingredients to enhance workability and hardening of lime rich plasters.

The first Susac Kiln was constructed in 1955, with a second created two years later. Today, we have the only fully operational commercial kilns in Australia.

Constructed with rough stones on the external walls and firing bricks, mortar and lime putty on the inside, our kilns are effective and functional. Air flow is assisted by a large open flue on the top of the kiln. An opening near the top helps make loading and tending the kiln easier.

The art of loading a kiln takes many years to master. Kilns are loaded by hand with limestone and wood. Practitioners take great care when placing the lime, ensuring it is layered between the wood in specific stages.

The burning stage is now ready to begin. During this time, the fire is closely monitored. Charcoal and ash harden the lime rich plasters, making it easier to work with. The lime is then removed from the kiln, mixed with water and placed in vats to settle.

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